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04-02-18 - Monday - 08:12 hours - 
         The Team is back at it again folks! We are still here in the Southern California area, getting ready to start our meets and training again. We can't wait to get to know other likeminded patriots that like to be prepared. We never know what kind of emergency if just around the corner, but we are constantly training, learning, and growing the Team.

         Biggs has been activly filming more video content for the YouTube channel. We now try to shoot daily videos, along with a new Vlog series to show the real life behind the scenes day to day activity in The Teams growth. We have a lot of footage to update and will be trying very hard to upload all of the older videos along with newer style videos and Vlogs. 

        Biggs will try to get other Members to film more often, but we all try to improve ourselves as much as possible day by day. We also will introduce the academic professional development side of our Team with the public announcement of The Elite Society Network. 

        We also hope to start a section of reccomended products to purchase, from our website, that we have vouched, tested, and reviewed. This we have found to be really helpful for many of the first timers and newbies that join this lifestyle.  We also hope to start a section of reccomended products to purchase, from our website, that we have vouched, tested, and reviewed. This we have found to be really helpful for many of the first timers and newbies that join this lifestyle. 

        Please continue to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel "TeamAlphaTaskForce". We also like to see Video responses from our videos and points of view. Please continue to update your preparedness links, contacts and supplies as we do ours.

Biggs - TATF Founder/Owner/Chairmen/President

Spy Games Heat Up In UK

04-02-18 - Monday - 09-00 hours - 

          We have just found out some of the details about the Russian Double Agent who was critically poisoned in UK on March 4th. Sources now say that there was an unidentified individual who smeared a nerve agent on a door handle of Mr. Sergei V. Skripal's residential door. This is also how his daughter got sick as well. 

          What makes this story very interesting, is he was involved in a spy swap from the US in 2010. There seems to be a lot more to this story than what we currently hear. To follow more of this developing story, click on the link below to read the story for yourself. 

Biggs - TATF Founder/Owner/Chairmen/President

SHAKE ALERT! - Are you Ready?  3.7 earthquake shakes Riverside County

04-02-18 - Monday - 09:26 hours - 
AGUANGA, Calif. (KABC) --  A 3.7 preliminary magnitude earthquake shook parts of Riverside County Sunday night. The quake was reported at 7:53 p.m. about five miles northeast of Aguanga, about 15 miles east of the Pechanga resort. The USGS estimated the tremors were felt from Escondido to Lake Elsinore to Palm Desert.

No significant damage was immediately reported. To follow more on this story, please click on the link below. 

TATF will be holding its Team Meeting October 28th 2017!

10-10-17 - Monday - 17:58 hours - 

      TATF will be holding a Team Meeting at Del Valle Park, 5939 Henrilee St, Lakewood, CA 90713, on the LAST Saturday in October 28th 2017. This meeting is open to like-minded Patriot, prepping, survivalist who would like to join our Team. If you are already a Member or a Prospect you are required to show up wearing your Team Shirt. If you need any further assistance please contact Biggs. 

      We tend to meet up on the Northeast corner of the park near Gondar Ave. and Arbor Rd. The map is placed below to show you where we typically will be gathered at. See you there!

Biggs - TATF

10-10-17 - TATF was on standby for fellow Member in local wildfire. 

Emergency Roll Call was started for Member stuck near Canyon Fire 2 Wildfire!

10-10-2017 - Monday - 16:28 hours - 
      Biggs was informed that a fellow TATF Member was within a mile away from an out of control 0% containment southern California wildfire. Biggs quickly established an Emergency Roll Call, and was able to determine that there were no other Members threatened. We then established 2 squads of 4 men each at the ready to be deployed should the need arise. Thankfully no teams were needed. This was yet another solid reason for continuing our Teams presence, and ensuring our preps were ready for when the time comes.

     Folks you just never know when mother nature, or freakish things may happen. They will most likely never present themselves ahead of time as "The end of the world as we know it" type of situations. They tend to come out of the blue and sneak up on you without advanced warning. It is our duty to FIRST prepare for our survival, but then our families survival, and if possible be available for our fellow brothers and sisters should emergencies happen. I am forever proud of those who time and time again selfishly give up some time with their loved ones to be ready to assist their brothers and sisters in arms. This is what Team Alpha Task Force is all about, and the reason why we even train, prep, and enjoy each others company. 

      Info about this incident can be viewed at the following link below. This link is also already listed in our TATF Links page. 

Thank you all who checked in!
Biggs - TATF